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When dolphins attack! Video shows Dusty attack swimmer

An online video shows a woman being attacked repeatedly by Dusty the Dolphin in Doolin County Clare. The woman, who was pulled from the water and taken to the hospital, suffered a compressed vertebrae, broken rib and damage to her lung…READ MORE


FBI investigation of Irishman leads to three biggest secret pedophile websites

An FBI investigation of Eric Eoin Marques, deemed "the largest facilitator of child pornography on the planet," has uncovered the world's three largest secret pedophile networks, with potentially millions of users…READ MORE


Ireland's immigrant candidates opt out of politics due to growing racism

Several of Ireland's high-profile immigrant candidates have decided not to put their names forward in 2014 in part due to lack of party support and a rise in racism…READ MORE


Sean Quinn in tears as he vows to clear his name in Anglo row

Bust billionaire Sean Quinn has broken down in tears and told an Irish festival crowd that he ‘will clear his name’ within two to three years…READ MORE


Data shows 15 percent of Irish who traveled for abortion were married

In new statistics from the UK, it is depicted that 15% of Irish women who traveled from Ireland to England or Wales last year for an abortion were married…READ MORE


New video shows Dusty, the local dolphin in Doolin, County Clare, attacking bystandersYouTube