The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America has issued the following statement by National Freedom for All Ireland Chairman Martin Galvin about the recently released Operation Greenwich report from the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman’s Office.

“Ombudsman Marie Anderson’s Operation Greenwich findings about Royal Ulster Constabulary collusive behavior in 19 murders vindicates the 30-year fight for justice by victims’ families and refutes any excuse for British proposals to cut off legacy truth mechanisms,” Galvin said.

“The report follows the pattern of legacy proceedings like the Ballymurphy Inquest verdict and the Miami Showband civil case where allegations of British crown culpability or complicity in murder are proven true. 

“These victims’ families will speak about the report and proposed British amnesty proposals to Irish America in a webinar hosted by the Ancient Order of Hibernians on Saturday, January 29 at 11 a.m. Eastern time.      

“The 336-page report investigated RUC conduct in relation to 19 murders and two attempted murders carried out by the UDA/UFF between 1989 and 1993.  The victims included two Sinn Fein councilors, nationalists socializing at pubs in Greysteel or Castlerock, and other Republicans or nationalists.

“Many of the RUC members involved had refused to speak to investigators.  

“The Ombudsman found that RUC agent informers carried out murders and murder attempts. Files and records about these informers were destroyed. Nationalists were not warned of threats to their lives. 

“British Army Intelligence documents and files were provided to the killer gang. Weapons had been imported and provided to loyalist killer gangs with the knowledge of the British military. 

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“This is another example of Irish victims’ families getting some truth, through legal mechanisms allowed them under British law. Britain wants to take away these legal channels for justice and bury the truth under proposed amnesty laws,” Galvin added.

“These families like so many others want American help and the AOH is organizing a webinar on the 29th to give them a chance to speak to Irish America directly.  Details will be announced next week.”