The divisive statue of Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert will not be removed.

The Oireachtas Petitions Committee have dismissed a public petition calling for its removal as "inadmissible".

The main petitioner was seeking removal of the statue due to its representation of Britain's oppressive rule over Ireland.

The Petitions Committee Sean Sherlock maintained that the controversial monument of the German-born ruler still remains a significant part of Irish history.

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“It is the view of this committee that the statue should absolutely and utterly remain,” Sherlock stated.

Part of the reasons disclosed for keeping the statue intact was that the Dáil does not actually own the statue and therefore could not legally oversee its removal.

The committee also believes that the work of local artist and sculptor John Henry Foley should be preserved.

Good few people popping into the museum today to view the statue of Prince Albert by John Foley in Leinster lawn. Seems those who complained about it have raised its profile! @MerrionSqDub @heritage @NMIreland

— Sarah Murtagh (@busyatmaths86) February 8, 2018

Speaking on the matter, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he can't understand what the "fuss" is about.

"I have no objection to Prince Albert being on Leinster lawn, I think it is part of our history," the leader said,

"I have no problem with the statue quite frankly, it has been there for a hundred years, I don't know what the fuss is about."

Given the year that's in it, why not swap the #PrinceAlbert statue out of Leintser House for a statue of a #Suffragette from both the Nationalist and the Unionist Community. #suffragettes100

— Peadar Tóibín (@Toibin1) February 8, 2018

John Henry Foley also created the notable statue of Daniel O'Connell on O'Connell Street and the Edmund Burke tribute near Trinity College.

His birth place, Montgomery Street in Dublin's north inner city, has since been renamed Foley Street in his honor.

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The statue of Prince Albert, who died in 1861, was installed on the Merrion Street side of Leinster House in 1923.