Academics at the Grant Museum, part of the University College of London, made a rare find in an old box found in an Irish pub. The Edwardian box, which they bought from the pub, contained bones of the extinct dodo along with a small model of the bird.

The staff of the Grant Museum are no strangers to odd finds. The museum already contains a sweet jar full of pickled baby moles, the skull and antlers of an extinct species of giant deer and now the dodo found in an Irish bar.

The bones had remained undetected in the box as they had been thrown in with the bones of crocodiles. Jack Ashby the museum's learning access manager, told "The Guardian" newspaper, "They do have common characteristics, crocodiles and birds…It was an understandable mistake."

The remains of the dodo are an exceptional find. The flightless bird became extinct in the 17th century in its native Mauritius and no complete specimen survives. The bones are now displayed next to the quagga, an extinct South African relative of the horse.