Disgraced former TV producer Kieran Creaven pleaded guilty to two child sexual abuse offenses in Leeds.

Creaven, who worked as a sports producer for RTE for over 20 years, received an 18 month jail sentence.

The 55-year-old was arrested after grooming and attempting to meet up with an underage girl.

The producer was engaged in inappropriate conversation with a fake profile, whom he believed to be a 13-year-old girl,  from July to November 2017.

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Creaven was set-up for his ultimate arrest by an online vigilante group named Predator Exposure.

#RTE paedophile Kieran Creaven will be sentenced today at Leeds Crown Court for attempting to incite a 13-year-old child to engage in sexual activity pic.twitter.com/U7nLZzkn9V

— Gemma O'Doherty (@gemmaod1) March 9, 2018

The married TV producer had made plans on two separate occasions to fly to meet the fictitious Keeley Nutton in her hometown in Leeds. 

Leeds Crown Court heard that Creaven was "cornered" by members of Predator Exposure outside the Queens Hotel in Leeds on 18 November 2017 where he had made plans to meet the girl.

Former RTE producer Kieran Creaven due to appear before Leeds Crown Court At 11.50am for sentencing. The group that carried out the sting now have their own merchandise pic.twitter.com/qLWYxnfpPJ

— Robin Schiller (@11SchillRob) March 9, 2018

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The Dublin man had "two boxes of condoms, a list of female names and two phones on his person" when he was arrested, the court heard.

Creaven admitted he was addicted to pornography involving children as young as eight years old at this time.

The court heard details of Creaven's online conversation with the girl.

The journal.ie reports that Creaven had sent the minor a picture of his erect penis over Facebook Messenger and the girl told him she had never seen one before.

The girl repeatedly told the defendant she was 13 during hundreds of messages exchanged over the four-month period.

Mugshot of Kieran Creaven who has been sentenced to 18 months for child sexual offences. Disturbing evidence given in court. He had been in contact with between 15-20 underage girls online pic.twitter.com/9x563euhN4

— Robin Schiller (@11SchillRob) March 9, 2018

The defendant also told the girl he wanted to “kiss and cuddle” her, sleep with her, and send her "naughty pictures".

Creaven told the girl he "worked in the television and film industry to impress her, sent her hundreds of messages and quickly moved to sexual conversations," his former employer RTE writes on their news website.

The disgraced TV exec had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to attempting to meet a child following grooming for a sexual purpose and of attempting to cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity, namely kissing and cuddling.

He also admitted he had contacted 15 to 20 teenage girls, aged between 13 and 18, via Facebook, even blackmailing some of them by threatening to release information about them online.

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