Seven people hurt, two critically, when a car sped into a crowd of mourners outside a funeral in Dublin.

Emergency services rushed to Church of the Immaculate Conception in Clondalkin, Dublin, around 11am on Monday morning after a car rammed into a group of mourners waiting on a funeral. Seven people were injured, two critically, when the car sped into the crowd, several people becoming trapped under the vehicle.

It is believed the driver, a priest, fell ill and struck the group waiting for the funeral hearse to arrive.

“There were about 200 people standing around waiting for the hearse to arrive when there was a rumble of noise, it sounded like the church was collapsing, the sound was unbelievable and then we saw people rushing back,” eyewitness Larry Mooney told the Irish Independent.

“It was only about 20 feet away from me – it was packed with people – and then we discovered it was a car and people were underneath it. I believe there were about eight people injured.

Eight ambulances have been requested to the scene at Clondalkin, where a car has struck a number of pedestrians outside a church. Four people have been injured.

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“Some people were very seriously injured.

“People were trying to lift the car, but it was jammed against the wall.

“The emergency services were there reasonably quickly.

“It was an awful shock, you wouldn’t expect it at a funeral. People were all standing around outside the church when it happened.”

"I had just parked my car and went to stand with the rest of the crowd when I heard the car revving and then it flew through towards the crowd and didn't stop until it hit the wall," said Aimee Finegan, a further witness who injured her foot in the crash.

"It hit me before it hit the wall. I think the tire hit my foot as I've cuts up the back of my leg.

"I was thrown at the railings and my shoes was ripped off - I was lifted off the ground with no shoes on.

Dublin Traffic - Gardaí & emergency services are currently dealing with a traffic collision in the grounds of a church at New Road, Clondalkin. It's understood the driver of a car fell ill and struck a number of pedestrians. Further updates will follow.

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"The car was going so fast, it plowed into the crowd.

"I think there were about 15 people injured and I'm in no way the worst of them.

"I injured my hip and foot and can't really lift my leg.

"The doctors at the hospital said it's all soft tissue damage.

"One of my friends pushed me out of the way so I got out lucky. One of the other girls had about four broken bones in her foot.

"I saw about two or three people under the car. I saw one of them in the hospital and he has broken bones in his leg and a broken collarbone, so he'll need surgery.

"It was horrible, no one knew what was happening, there was no time to get out of the way. We didn't think it was going to hit us.

2 serious injuries, 5 less serious, a number of minor injuries following #clondalkin church incident. More on #rtenews at 1

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"It was flying at us and there was no time to move."

In an official statement, Gardaí (Irish police) said: “Gardai and emergency services are at the scene of a collision at a church in Clondalkin Village, Dublin, at approximately 10.20am.

“It’s understood the driver of a car fell ill and struck a number of pedestrians on the grounds of a church.

“One person has been taken to James Connolly Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. Two have been taken to James St Hospital and one taken to Tallaght Hospital.

“Developments will be updated.”