A hospital in Dublin is projecting messages of thanks and support for Ireland's healthcare workers to boost morale over Easter weekend. 

The Mater Hospital in Dublin is organizing the messages as part of the #DearHeroes campaign, which gives members of the public a chance to thank healthcare workers on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. 

The messages will be live-streamed in front of the hospital between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. for the next three nights. The first messages were broadcast last night. People can get involved using #DearHeroes on Twitter or by visiting the Dear Heroes website. 

The non-profit campaign is community-driven and run by volunteers to show solidarity with healthcare workers, according to #DearHeroes spokesperson Ciara Finn. 

She told the Journal: "Like everyone else, we’ve been blown away by the dedication and selflessness of those who are battling at the frontline to help us through the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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"The bravery of those on the frontline has offered us all a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. The #DearHeroes campaign aims to shine a little of that light right back and thank them all for doing the country proud." 

Use #DearHeroes or write a message on https://t.co/ROWpJv15ob to show support for frontline staff in The Mater Hospital. Retweets appreciated 🙏 pic.twitter.com/byHHc62Ozm

— The Mater Foundation (@TheMaterFoundat) April 10, 2020

Hundreds of people already sent in their messages for Good Friday and there are plenty of messages flooding in on Easter Saturday. 

The uplifting messages are just a small token of the public's appreciation and there has been a huge outpouring of thanks and support. 

Here are some of the messages sent in today. 


I know that what you want most is not to be a hero...

But to be a parent to your children, a spouse to your beloved, a child to your parents, a friend to your mates, a colleague to your front line peers.

I will continue to #StayAtHome

Thank you for all you do. 🌺

— Niamh Fitzpatrick (@NFitzPsychology) April 11, 2020

A common theme in the tweets is healthcare workers not asking to be heroes but doing Trojan work nonetheless. 

#DearHeroes you didn’t ask to be hero’s, but we can’t consider you anything else. Thank you all for everything you are doing. I will continue to #StayHome to respect the sacrifices you are all making

— Nikki ✌🏻 (@NikiNiConghaile) April 11, 2020

Another Twitter user pledged to fight for better working conditions for healthcare workers as thanks for all that they are doing.

We see you, we appreciate you, we know you need PPE more than applause, so we will continue to fight for your safety and decent working conditions.
Thanks - safe home. X#StayHome

— Norsopinions (@theamberdaisy) April 11, 2020

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