Stewart is in Ireland for an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’ this week

Rod Stewart has paid tribute to Irish rebel Joseph Plunkett's wife Grace Gifford-Plunkett during a visit to Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

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The British rockstar was in Dublin this week to film a special interview with Ryan Tubridy for RTE’s ‘The Late Late Show.’ Stewart is set to appear on the show on Friday.

During his Irish visit, Stewart made sure to visit the famous Glasnevin Cemetery, where some of Ireland’s most iconic figures are buried.

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The image of Stewart at Gifford-Plunkett’s grave was shared by the Dublin South 1916 Centenary Committee on Facebook:

Rod Stewart standing at the grave of Grace Gifford-Plunkett today in Glasnevin Cemetery. He has recorded a version of...

Publiée par Dublin South 1916 Centenary Committee sur Mardi 12 mars 2019

The Committee said: "Rod Stewart standing at the grave of Grace Gifford-Plunkett today in Glasnevin Cemetery. He has recorded a version of the Irish love song 'Grace' which tells the story of Grace marrying 1916 leader Joseph Plunkett the night before his execution."

The post has garnered 5 thousand likes on Facebook.

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Stewart is particularly touched by the tragic love story of Joseph and Grace Plunkett. Only hours before he was to be put to death for his involvement in the 1916 Easter Uprising, Joseph married Grace in Kilmainham Jail in Dublin.

The love letter Joseph penned to Grace was later turned into the ballad song ‘Grace,’ which Stewart has recorded a version of for his latest album ‘Blood Red Roses.’

The singer has claimed, however, that the BBC has barred the song from being played, citing it’s “Irish, anti-English overtones.”

Of the Irish ballad, Stewart told Billboard: “I visited the jail and went into the chapel where it all happened. So it means a lot to me, that one, it really does. There was no furniture in the jail apart from the bed of jail, no table, no bed, no chair, nothing.”

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“Just sat on the floor, and the glass that was there when I visited wasn’t there in those days, so the wind and the snow came straight into the cell.”

“Man’s inhumanity to man never stops to astonish me.”

Listen to Rod Stewart’s version of ‘Grace’ performed live in Las Vegas here:

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