A planned Royal wedding event at an Irish hotel has been cancelled due to 'intimidation' from 'thugs'.

The event, a Royal wedding-themed afternoon tea to coincide with the nuptials, was cancelled by organizers at The Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana after they were inundated with complaints.

According to the Irish Independent, after putting an event page on their Facebook profile, hotel staff were inundated with phone calls from angry republicans.

Mere hours later the event had been taken down from social media. 

A spokesperson for the hotel apologized for "any offense caused".

A statement added, "The event planned for Saturday, May 19, will no longer be taking place and we would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any offense caused."

"As one of Donegal's most recognized hotels, we are committed to ensuring we offer our guests a quality and memorable experience."

Amid the controversy, Derry DUP councillor David Ramsey has branded republicans who "intimidated" staff into cancelling the event on Saturday as "thugs".

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Councillor Ramsey said the "intimidation by thugs" directed towards the hotel was "disgusting".

"The royal wedding is the largest worldwide event," he said. "Any hotel would see that as a marketing opportunity.

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"Because it doesn't matter what race or creed you are, there will be millions of people watching the wedding who are not from the unionist background. Every walk of life will be watching and many in the Republic of Ireland will be looking at it, as well as people in Northern Ireland. People love weddings," he said.

"For thugs to take it upon themselves to intimidate someone doing their job, marketing a wedding that the whole world will be interested in, is absolutely disgusting," he concluded.

A recent poll carried out by RTE showed that six out of ten Irish people will not be tuning in for Markle and Prince Harry's Big Day.

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Some 57% of those surveyed said they were not interested in watching the event. Another 34% said they would be tuning in to all the glitz and glamor on the day while 9 percent are undecided.

That contrasts greatly with Britain where up to 90 percent of the populace are expected to tune in to witness the nuptials.

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