A police report into a drink-driving incident involving Ireland’s Justice Minister Alan Shatter has gone missing claims a report published just hours before he faces a motion of no confidence.

The Irish Independent newspaper also claims that Shatter asked the female officer who stopped him at a checkpoint: “Don’t you know who I am?”

The paper says the report filed on the incident when Shatter was stopped at a drink-drive checkpoint has gone missing.

The report also claims that an informed source has told the paper that the officer who stopped Shatter felt he was not fully co-operative.

It says that she was also asked by the then Fine Gael front bench spokesman: “Don’t you know who I am?”

Shatter faces a motion of no confidence in the Irish parliament this evening.

The paper adds that new evidence has emerged that apparently shows Shatter, contrary to his claim, did not say he was asthmatic and was therefore unable to complete the breath test.

The report says: “Information made available to the Irish Independent about the incident about five years ago appears to contradict Mr Shatter’s version of events.

“Informed sources familiar with the case say that the now Justice Minister: Said nothing about being asthmatic, preventing him completing the test.

“Intimated to the garda (police) that it was unconstitutional to stop him as he was coming from the Dail and said: “Check your law book.”

“Appeared not to make a sufficient effort to complete the breath test.

“Drove off without being waved on by the officer.”

The paper adds that at no point did Shatter’s driving or behaviour lead the police to believe that he had been drinking.

Shatter has refused to respond to questions on the incident put to him by the newspaper.