Gardaí are investigating after three men were discovered ahead of the Galway International Arts Festival

Three refugees, believed to be Sudanese, were discovered hiding beneath a truck in Galway City on Wednesday.

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RTÉ reports that the three men are believed to have traveled to Ireland from France while concealed in a truck that was transporting a band’s equipment to the 'Big Top' tent ahead of the Galway International Arts Festival.

The three men were discovered at about 4 pm on Wednesday, with reports indicating that the men could have been hiding for up to three days. They were subsequently arrested by Mill Street Gardai and were found to be in good health after being assessed.

The Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) is aware of the situation and is processing documentation in connection with the three men.

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On Facebook, one man shared his experience of discovering the three “scared” men:

As most people know I have been part of the arts festival tent crew for years . ..we put the big top up every year and a...

Publiée par Conor Nolan sur Jeudi 25 juillet 2019

He said: "Everyone who witnessed the fear and shock in the eyes of those young men including the Garda could not be affected by this event."

"We fed them and gave them water and watched as an interpreter gently coaxed information from them." 

Galway Daily reports that Joe Loughnane, of the Galway Anti Racism Network, released a statement confirming that the refugees were “three young men, believed to be of Sudanese origin, and who possibly speak Arabic and French. The lorry they hid on was coming from France.”

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Galway Daily further reports that Sudan has been enduring a period of violent unrest with “barbaric attacks” from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) / Janjaweed. Last month, an estimated 500 people were killed and 723 people were injured at the hands of the RSF / Janjaweed.