Having risked their lives fleeing war-torn Syria these refugees share their tales of bravery, hope, and isolation and they start out on their new lives in Ireland

A video, released by the Irish Red Cross to mark World Refugee Day, tells the stories of three Syrian War victim’s lives their treacherous journey to Ireland and how difficult dealing with their loneliness and sorrow has been. Ripped away from their family and homes the Irish Red Cross is helping them to start a new life in Ireland.

Abdullah, Alaa, and Haima tell their own heartfelt and incredible stories here:

Since Sept 2017, the Irish Red Cross has placed 142 Syrians and Iraqi refugees into 90 properties across 11 counties in Ireland. Of this group 26 are in employment, 28 are in further training and education and 56 are enrolled in English classes.

The Irish Red Cross is supporting the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Ireland as part of the Irish Refugee Protection Program which is managed by Ireland’s Department of Justice. The humanitarian group is now seeking additional pledges of accommodation and is calling on homeowners to consider offering a spare room or vacant property to a refugee.

Forty-five percent 45% of the single refugees the Irish Red Cross works with are under 25 years of age. A significant proportion are young men and, in most instances, they are in the State by themselves with limited or no family support network. Many embarked on the arduous migration trail alone at an early age and they are settling into Irish life while bearing the burden of their loved ones still living in areas of conflict or traveling across Europe.

The right to family reunification is a key part of sustainable integration and due to a change in legislation in early 2017, some refugees are not entitled to bring their family members to Ireland. The Irish Red Cross strongly believes the lack of a support network during this developmental period has had a negative effect on a proportion of those the Irish Red Cross is working with.

The next phase of Irish Red Cross resettlement work is Community Sponsorship which invites members of the community to come together in Community Sponsorship Groups (CSGs) and plan to support the integration and social inclusion of refugee families. Sponsored refugees will go directly to the community upon arrival to begin the process of resettlement.

For more information about pledging accommodation for refugees visit www.registerofpledges.redcross.ie.

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