IrishCentral readers have had their say about Christmas in Ireland

Last week, we asked our readers to let us know whether or not they believe Christmas in Ireland has become too materialistic.

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Results are in, and readers have voted overwhelmingly that Ireland has, indeed, become too materialistic at Christmastime.

A staggering 88% of those who voted said Christmas in Ireland has become too materialistic.

4% said that, no, it hasn't become too materialistic. 8% said they weren't sure.

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Here are what some Facebook users said:

Riece said: "Not just in Ireland but all over"

Lois said: "Just like here in the US."

Ray said: "Absolutely crazy when it comes to spending in the States, very different from what I grew up with, stressful time of the year."

Marjory said: "Christmas in many countries is too materialistic"

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Kailey said: " Considering Christmas is 99% pagan Yule traditions repurposed after an attempt to convert the “heathens” to Christianity (one of them being the tradition of overindulging to show they had hope for an abundance of food in the new year)... I think we’re all doing just fine, even if we have forgotten “the reason for the season” (not Jesus, but celebrating that the shortest days of the year are over)"

And we certainly got a chuckle out of Matt's thoughts: "Indeed, we need to revert to the old ways. Breaking into rich people's houses and demanding their booze and figgy pudding."

Do you think Christmas in Ireland has become too materialistic? Let us know in the comments!