President Obama has strongly praised Irish-born businessman Billy Lawless, who has created 260 jobs in Chicago and who has fought hard for immigration reform.

Obama was introduced by Lawless at an immigration rally in the windy city.

Irish immigration leader Lawless described how he and his wife and four kids moved to Chicago 16 years ago.

“We really wanted to see if we could succeed in the United States and live the American Dream,” he told the audience of 18,000 people.

He said he now owned four pubs and employed 260 people.

“This is what we emigrants do,” he stated.

Obama said Lawless and his son Billy, who also runs the restaurants exemplified what he was trying to do empowering immigrants.

“Together they have gone from employing 10 workers to employing more than 250 workers and you just heard what Billy said: ‘This is what immigrants do.’”

Obama noted that immigrants started 25 percent of new businesses and called for support for his executive order.

Meanwhile, Enda Kenny has praised President Obama’s immigration actions saying they would a “transform millions of lives.”

In a letter released by the White House to show international support Kenny stated, “In all our earlier conversations, we have spoken about the tremendous human cost for our undocumented community arising from the inability to travel back to Ireland.

“I have shared with you some of the heartbreaking stories – parents dying without seeing their children, funerals unattended, family milestones missed.”

“May I repeat my earlier pleas that the arrangements be as open and flexible as possible. Our embassy will stay in the closest touch with your team as these arrangements are fine-tuned,” he said.