A recent poll finds that most Republic of Ireland people believe emigrants and Northern Ireland citizens should have no input in voting in Irish presidential elections.

The Sunday Business Post reports that the Irish government is to prepare legislation for a referendum, which could give those in Northern Ireland and abroad the right to vote in Irish presidential elections.

This has been an ongoing debate for many years. If the referendum goes ahead next May, the Irish public will have their say on whether 1.8 million people in the North and 1.7 million Irish citizens abroad will be eligible for inclusion in the 2025 presidential election.

The office of president is largely a ceremonial one and does not usually impact on Irish government policies.

In response, to the survey, an Irish news website, TheJournal.ie,  called upon readers to voice their own thoughts.

The results of their ongoing poll suggest that over half of Irish people do not want to expand the voting population.

Min @SimonCoveney 'In my view everybody in Northern Ireland should be entitled to vote in a Presidential Election full stop #GobalIrish

— Global Irish ☘ (@GlobalIrish) May 5, 2017

Currently, 53% believe that Northern Ireland citizens or Irish emigrants abroad should not be allowed to vote in Ireland's presidential elections. 

Some 21% believe that both Northern Ireland citizens and the diaspora should be included. 

Meanwhile, 10% are for the inclusion of Northern Ireland citizens, but not the diaspora. Slightly more people (12%) felt that only the diaspora should be given the chance to vote.

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What do you think: should either group be given the right to vote in presidential elections? Let us know in the comments below.