Rep. John Delaney is gaining traction in Iowa for his comparably early start to his presidential campaign for 2020. He has told other Democrats that they should announce their campaigns as soon as possible.

While Delaney is not very well known in political circles outside his Maryland, according to Politico, he believes that his head-start will give him a presidential run that will flourish on the debate stage.

He has traveled to Iowa 11 times since last summer and has taken eight trips to New Hampshire, which shows his intense commitment to giving the Democrats a chance for 2020. So far, he has spent $1 million of his own funds for TV ads in Iowa and has set up a campaign office in the state.

While his name-brand is not up to par with other Democrats such as Joe Biden and Cory Booker, his name is becoming increasingly well-known in Iowa. Particularly, a recent poll stated that 52 percent of those likely to attend the Democratic caucus.

Delaney’s main motive behind his run is that American voters are fed up with those who won’t commit to a presidential run until the last second, which is perceivably dishonest by the electorate.

bi•par•ti•san•ship (noun): Cooperation from start to finish, in order to create a #FarmBill both parties support. Not present in #GOPFarmBill

— Rep. John Delaney (@RepJohnDelaney) May 18, 2018

“When I first went to Iowa the first time, last August, so many people came up to me and said, ‘thank you for being honest about what you’re doing, and your ambition,’” Delaney told Politico. One person told Delaney that those who come to Iowa and New Hampshire lie to them entirely for the sake of winning the state primaries.

Unlike other candidates, Delaney is less focused on his own life story to sway voters but has centered around creating bipartisan unity through policy-making. He wants the right answer as opposed to the Democratic or Republican answer.

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His quarrel with Trump is that he was the wrong choice to bring about national unity and fixing the country. Delaney argues that he is a business promoter instead of a business leader because leaders would pay their bills, think about their communities, and would generally be considered bright.

They "win" ➡️ the country loses

— Rep. John Delaney (@RepJohnDelaney) May 31, 2018

When comparing Delaney’s current-standing with the 2004 campaign of former North Carolina senator John Edwards, his name recognition was lower than that of Delaney’s and he still finished second in the primaries behind John Kerry. Delaney, in this respect, does not see name recognition as crucial to his campaign.

He is a self-described tortoise about to get a jetpack since he has already set out to tell everyone what he believes before anyone else has even made up their mind on running.

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