A Dublin-based research and market intelligence service carried out the research and found that with just one day to go before the 2016 US Presidential Elections 82 percent of Irish adults have a keen eye on what’s happening Stateside.

The key results of their survey show 69% of those polled want to see Hillary Clinton win. Only seven percent want to see Donald Trump in the Oval Office. A quarter of those asked would vote for neither candidate.

LIVE BLOG: Election Day 2016 for the Irish in America

iReach Insights conducted a ‘nationally representative’ survey of 1,000 adults to investigate people's thoughts on the US presidential election and Irish attitudes surrounding the topic. Of those who are following the election, 55 percent are following the US election more closely than they had in prior years, 7 percent are following it less and 38 percent have devoted about the same amount of attention to it as in any other year.

When asked ‘How much would you know about what is happening in the US presidential election this year?' 25 percent said they 'know a lot,' 57 percent 'know the basics,' 14 percent 'know very little' and 4 percent 'know nothing.'

Seventy-one percent of adults surveyed have strong feelings about who will become president. Only time will tell who will win the US presidential debate, but if it were up to the Irish public Hilary Clinton would be the obvious winner.

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