Irish leader Enda Kenny has revealed he will not meet Donald Trump during his June 24 visit to Ireland and will be spending time with Vice President Joe Biden instead.

A Kenny spokesman told The Irish Times that the two visits of Biden and Trump “absolutely overlap” and Kenny will be too busy to meet Trump.

Trump will be in Ireland in late June to spend time at his exclusive Doonbeg Hotel in County Clare, which features one of Ireland’s best golf courses.

Trump bought the hotel for $15 million in 2014 and has carried out extensive renovations since then, which his son Eric says cost $50 million.

Biden is coming to Ireland for a family visit but will attend some public functions, including spending time exploring his roots in Mayo and Louth. He may also attend an American Ireland Fund dinner in Dublin when in Ireland.

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Kenny recently described Trump as “racist and dangerous” reflecting widespread opinion in Ireland that Trump would be a disaster internationally.

Kenny has refused to soften his remarks, which look far less provocative since some members of Trump's own party, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, have accused him of racist behavior

Trump will be in Scotland and Ireland from June 22 to June 25, roughly the same time as Biden is in Ireland. Trump's visit will also coincide with the vote in Britain as whether or not to will leave the European Union.

Trump previously visited Ireland in May 2014 and announced the Doonbeg purchase and plans to make it a major prestige property. However, recently, he described the Doonbeg project as “small potatoes” compared to running for president.

Don't support #Trump but coz he is official Rep' Pres' Candidate he should be welcomed to Ireland by Gov't & used to promote Irish tourism.

— Gavin Duffy (@GavinDuffy) June 3, 2016

Can't wait for Trump's visit, Official Ireland won't know which way to look!! Should they bend over, walk away or drop to their knees??

— David McWilliams (@davidmcw) June 3, 2016

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