One of Irish America’s brightest political stars, Congressman Conor Lamb, has decided to run for the US senate in 2022 . Lamb will run statewide in Pennsylvania in an absolute toss-up senate race which is critical for both parties.

Lamb’s uncle Jim Lamb is Ireland’s honorary consul in Pittsburg and a major figure in the Irish American community.

Lamb has won two races for Congress in deeply divided congressional areas outside Pittsburg and his moderate views have made him one of the few politicians who can draw Republican support.

However, experts warn that he may be too conservative to win the Democratic nomination as the grassroots of the party are far more liberal. However, he is the one contender Republicans would fear most in a general election having won in Congressional districts that strongly favored Trump.

The race Lamb sensationally won in 2018 was considered a likely blowout in a heavily Republican district that went for Trump by 19 points and that gave him an approval rating of 55 percent. Instead, Lamb pulled off a major shock.

Lamb distanced himself from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying he would not vote for her for speaker if elected, a promise he kept. He is a decorated Marine veteran and, at 37, has a bright future ahead, experts say.

His major opponent in the Democratic primary is Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, an imposing 6 ft 8 politician known for his high profile and liberal positions.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has endorsed Sean Parnell, the candidate Lamb defeated in 2020 for his house seat, Parnell has brought a lawsuit claiming the 2020 election for president in Pennsylvania was stolen.

With the senate frozen at a 50-50 tie, the Pennsylvania race is seen as the most critical in the country as the retiring senator, Pat Toomey is a Republican and a switch in parties holding the seat would be a huge boost for the Democrats. Joe Biden has already stated his admiration for Lamb saying the ex-marine reminds him of his deceased son Beau.