Ireland is launching a new message to the world, in an effort to expand the global footprint of the Emerald Isle. That message? "Ireland – here we live.”

At the Global Ireland lunch, held on Wednesday, March 14, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar presented the new Global Ireland message, which speaks to Ireland's stability as a place of vibrancy and progress: "Ireland – here we live.”

From the Taoiseach's remarks: 

Our intention, over the period 2018 to 2025, is to double our global footprint. That does not necessarily mean a doubling of agencies, embassies, staff or budgets, though we will increase all of these, but it does mean the doubling of our impact around the world.

We want to attract inward investment to Ireland, including from new sources. We want to strengthen links with our diaspora and promote our culture internationally.

Our culture – our music, drama, art, language and literature is the window through which most of the world sees us for the first time.

I believe doubling our global footprint will allow Ireland to fully realise our potential among the Nations of the World.

He continued:

Over the next few years - as we mark the centenary of the foundation of the State - we will invest €116 billion in infrastructure, housing, transport, health, energy and climate action, laying the foundation for our sustained and sustainable prosperity. This is Project Ireland 2040.

Global Ireland is how Ireland will tell our story in a more unified, compelling and coherent way, optimising our place in the increasingly busy digital world.

The first Global Ireland communications campaign is called ‘Ireland – Here we Live’. It presents Ireland as we are – not a small country on the edge of Europe, but an island at the centre of the world.

Through Global Ireland, we want to connect to people interested in Ireland – people who want to live and work there; who want to do business or study with us; who want to visit Ireland, for work or for pleasure; or those who simply want to know more about us.

The communications campaign will be delivered on our new online portal – – a central hub for international visitors, with clear signposts to the wealth of information about us.

Speaking on US/EU trade relations, he said:

Each and every week, €2 billion of trade flows between us. Irish companies’ stock of investment in the US totals $85.5 billion, a stake larger than countries many times our size, including Brazil, China and India.

Irish businesses employ over 100,000 Americans across all sectors of the US economy, in cities and towns right across the country in every state.

Today, we have more than 700 US companies in Ireland, employing upwards of 150,000 people.

There are many reasons why so many US firms have chosen to locate in Ireland – and here are a few:

First is talent. Our population is Europe’s youngest, with 40% under 29 years of age. And, having invested heavily in our education system, our labour force is amongst the world’s best educated.

Second is competitiveness. Ireland has opened its economy to international trade, while developing a pro-business environment underpinned by a stable 12.5% corporate tax rate.

Third is connectivity. As a people, we are open, tolerant and diverse.

Fourth is our strong position in Europe. Companies with global ambition, like those represented here today, will always need a global presence in the EU. The UK no longer offers that option.

To read the Taoiseach's full remarks on Global Ireland's message, click here