Democratic Senator Cory Booker has issued an open invite to the Irish to emigrate to the United States. The New Jersey politician said his party wants to make a change to United States’ immigration law.

Booker, was speaking from Hillary Clinton’s election campaign bus when he said he said the Democratic Party wants to make changes to immigration laws by making them more “rational” and to make it easier for Irish people to emigrate to the United States.

Speaking to Newstalk, an Irish radio station, Booker said “I think we need more Irish immigration, so I'd like to send a message out to folks in Ireland.

"You've a great country, but if you want to come to the United States, we love the Irish here.

"[New] Jersey has a lot of Irish blood. So I don't need to insult your nation, it's probably a beautiful, wonderful place, but come to America, guys.

"Emigrate here. We're going to change the immigration laws, make them rational.

"It's what makes America great, we need to return to that tradition as opposed to what we have right now."

On Thursday Clinton said she wanted “to make our economy work for everyone, not just those on the top.” Since the start of her campaign, one year ago, Clinton has voiced her opinion that immigration reform in the United States is an economic issue. As the New York Times editorial recently put it “rather than demonize undocumented workers, Mrs. Clinton acknowledged their work and their payment of taxes, and said their goal was to end their exploitation.”

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Currently there are an estimated 50,000+ Irish living in the United States without documentation. Since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 it has been increasingly difficult for the Irish to emigrate to the United States with only limited number of visas available through the Diversity Visa Lottery and other highly restricted visa options.

Booker is only of Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers and was tipped to be a contender for the position of Vice President before the Secretary of State candidate named Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.

In his interview with Newstalk Booker was frank in his critique of the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. He told the Irish radio station that he believes that if Trump is elected as President of the United States American citizens abroad could be put at risk.

He said “Every week we’re reminded why this person should not be president, why it would be dangerous.”

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Obliquely referring to Trump’s comments early this week, when the presidential candidate suggested that those who believe in the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) stop Clinton’s campaign, Booker said “When a president speaks, it has ramifications throughout the globe, so for him to make irresponsible comments could plunge us into greater peril, put Americans overseas into danger, cause conflicts with allies or unnecessary conflicts with adversaries.”

Booker also criticized Republican politicians who voted down efforts to expand background checks and ban gun sales to terrorist suspects. Two months ago Booker took part in the 15-hour filibuster alongside Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy and many others following the massacre of 49 people at the gay nightclub Pulse, in Orlando, FL.

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Booker said “This isn't about basic Second Amendment rights, about law-abiding access to guns,

“We have a nation right now where you can be a suspected terrorist, go into gun show and buy a truckload of weapons, no questions asked.

“We have people blocking common sense gun laws that keep families, neighborhoods and schools safe.”