The announcement of Hillary Clinton’s first grandchild may just secure the White House for her.

Chelsea’s much anticipated pregnancy has just been announced and already it is clear the yet-to-be-born little tyke could heavily influence the feeling towards the former First Lady.

Hillary as granny helps remarkably to soften the image of the woman often still accused of being power hungry.

The news also helps humanize her. Indeed, when she was First Lady she started off as seemingly stiff and aloof. It was a private survey showing that not enough of the public knew she was a mother that forced the then White House to show off Chelsea more.

That was the turning point in terms of many Americans no longer viewing Hillary as an overly ambitious politician obsessed with power.

I can attest that there was and is a deep bond between Hillary and Chelsea that is only set to grow now. Anytime I have seen Hillary and Chelsea together it is clear there is a very special bond. Indeed, insiders say that the final decision on whether Hillary runs for president will be made by Chelsea. If she's not in favor her mother will not go.

I remember when Hillary was our guest of honor at an Irish Voice community event some years back she seemed very distracted. Eventually she told me Chelsea was ill and she wanted to leave early. Her concern was patently obvious.

Chelsea was also critical in keeping her parents together, The never-to-be-forgotten photo of the period was Chelsea walking between her parents, holding hands with both of them, when news of the Monica Lewinsky affair first broke. Her parents both adore her.

The birth of Hillary’s grandchild will help to humanize Hillary at a time when she and her husband are being criticized for being power crazy again as she shapes up for a White House run.

The baby will also be a decided help with the media. Senior figures in the media will tell you that there is a crushing lack of new storylines when it comes to the Clintons, that they have been in the public eye for twenty five years and the idea of a dynasty is frightening given the obsession with new stories and angles in the ever more voracious media.

Now along comes a baby with perfect timing, given that Hillary will be set to announce if she is running in early 2015.

It is so perfect that Hillary’s ever present enemies might even suggest the pregnancy and birth were timed for just around that period when good news stories were needed for her campaign.

That is far-fetched, but there is no denying the first picture of two of the world’s biggest celebrities with their first grandchild will have royal family type coverage.

That is good news for camp Hillary. It seems that, unlike 2008 when all went wrong soon after she announced her intention to run, this year is going swimmingly.

And a new baby will add to that impression.