Irish leader Enda Kenny joined the appeasement chorus holding out hope that Donald Trump will mend his ways and work with other leaders including the Irish Taoiseach. He joins a band of Republican apologists for Trump and is almost alone among European leaders to take such a stance

He stated to RTE news in Washington DC that Trump had made some “provocative remarks” but that some of them had been “rowed back on” and Ireland would have “to manage” to work with the next US president.

Sure, the way Chamberlain managed to work with Hitler.

He made the bland statement on the same day that Bill Weld, former two time governor of Massachusetts, compared Trump’s stated desire to seize and deport 11 million immigrants with Kristallnacht, the night in 1938 the Nazis moved against the Jews.

Weld stated “I can hear the glass crunching on Kristallnacht in the ghettos of Warsaw and Vienna when I hear that, honest,” Weld, who is on the Libertarian ticket as VP, said Thursday.

Asked if he believed Trump was a fascist, Mr. Wells Stated . “My Kristallnacht analogy does evoke the Nazi period in Germany. And that’s what I’m worried about: a slippery slope.”

He’s right, you know.

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The notion of forcibly deporting 11 million who will include many Irish among them apparently rings no warning bells for Taoiseach Kenny The overall relationship and not taking sides seems to be the mantra.

Yet his government is quite happy to intervene and take sides in the British Brexit battle where the diplomatic corps and individual ministers have been pushing hard to have Brexit defeated.

British Prime Minister Cameron has stuck to his guns on Trump stating that Trump’s proposal for banning Muslims from the US was “stupid, divisive and wrong”.

Speaking at a joint press conference at 10 Downing Street alongside his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, Cameron said “What I said about Muslims, I wouldn’t change that view. I’m very clear that the policy idea that was put forward was wrong, it is wrong, and it will remain wrong.”

It should not have been too hard for Kenny to say that. In fact, he did say just that as recently as December, calling Trump's talk of banning Muslims "unacceptable" in a Dáil (Irish parliament) session.

Now, however, Kenny sees no problem working with the proto fascist Trump

"The world will have to work with whatever president there is and given our traditional association with the United States we will manage to do that".

And don't mention the 11 million, the Mexican hate speech or the chants of “build the wall.” or the proposal to build a wall.

Talk about “see no evil.”