Irish-American Democrats is proud to announce that Congress Member Brendan F Boyle has joined Congress Members Joseph Crowley and Richard Neal in endorsing Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States. As a super delegate Boyle will cast his vote on the first ballot for Sec. Clinton and his vote is especially crucial at this time in having her come close to attaining the majority needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

Boyle is the son of a Donegal immigrant and has consistently endorsed by labor unions during his political career. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and is considered by many as a rising star in the Democratic Party both locally and nationally. His support of Hillary Clinton is especially timely given the Pennsylvania primary. Only this last weekend he was invited to speak to the Irish community in Philadelphia in commemoration of the hundred-year anniversary of the Irish uprising.

Brian O’Dwyer Vice president of Irish-American Democrats stated “Congress Member Boyles’ endorsement is especially welcome at this critical time. He is a well-respected voice for progressive values and Irish American issues. We know that in the coming weeks and months ahead his support will be crucial in having Hillary Clinton become the next President of the United States.”

In endorsing Sec. Clinton Congress Member Boyle stated “Hillary Clinton has not only been a champion of labor and working men and women but she has been a constant advocate for Ireland and Irish America. Her work along with the work of her husband President Clinton has led to a long-standing peace in Northern Ireland imperfect as it may be. I look forward to working with her in the coming years on many issues affecting working men and women in the United States and peace with justice in Ireland.”

Stella O’Leary President of Irish-American Democrats also welcomed Boyles endorsement.” We are pleased to see Congress member Boyle join the ranks of Irish-American Democratic leaders. His endorsement will surely help deliver Pennsylvania for Sec. Clinton not only in the primary but in the general election.

Irish-American Democrats is a political action committee that provides support to Democratic candidates for federal state and local office who support peace, justice and prosperity in Ireland.