Here are the ten most interesting facts from the most recent three-year projections for the Irish population in the US which totals 34.4 million as prepared by the census bureau. (Another close to five million claim Northern Irish heritage).

1. The importance of heritage resonates with parents and remains strong with the nation’s young people. The age-group that is most identified as Irish is 5 – 17 year-olds, who make up 16.7% of the Irish American population. This is likely a function of their parents identifying their children as of Irish heritage.

The next most-populous age range is 45 – 54 year-olds, who account for 15.3% of the Irish American population.

2. Just over half a million Irish American women gave birth in the last 12 months.

3. Of the Irish American population 15 years of age and older, 48.8% are married, 6% widowed, 12.3% divorced, 1.8% separated, and 31.1% single.

4. Irish Americans are an educated bunch, with 91.9% of the population 25 years and older holding a high school diploma or higher, and 33.4% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

5. Of Irish Americans 18 years of age or older, 10.7% are military veterans.

6. Among the US’ 34.4 million recorded Irish Americans, 34.2 million were born in the US and 250,000 are foreign-born.

7. The Irish are workers. 66.1% of the Irish American population are in the labor force.

8. The median income of the Irish in America is $59.1 k.

9. The most popular industry for the Irish in America is Educational services, and health care and social assistance.

10. More women than men, 52-48 percent identify as of Irish heritage in the survey.