A recent article from political analyst Mike Allen claimed that Joe Biden is the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump in 2020 and IrishCentral readers agree. 

Joe Biden would beat Donald Trump claiming just over 50% of the vote, according to a recent poll conducted among IrishCentral readers. 

When faced with the question "If Biden and Trump were facing off as Democratic and Republican nominees tomorrow, who would receive your vote?" 50.5% claimed they would vote for Biden, 38.8% said their vote would be cast on Trump and 9.2% claimed they would pick a third party outside of the Democratic and Republican nominees. The remaining 1.5% said they wouldn't vote. 

In total, 705 votes were cast. 

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Image: IrishCentral.

Image: IrishCentral.

"We have had too much of Trump already. He is not a President at all," said one reader, while another added, "Trump has zero integrity and has demeaned the office." Others commented to say "We need someone with intelligence and manners" and "I like Biden. He's respectful, kind, and well-behaved. Trump's a clown."

Those siding with Trump, however, stated "Trump has done a very good job so far I love the direction the country is going in" and "He’s done everything he said he was going to do and he would do more if he wasn’t being obstructed."

Some were unhappy with Biden as a Democratic candidate and preferred to vote for Trump over the former Vice President: "I don’t agree with Biden’s positions on major issues. If Trump is my only viable alternative to Biden, the Trump it is."

Others agreed with other candidates: "Prefer Warren cuz I don’t think Biden can win. He’s not progressive even tho he says he is."

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Image: IrishCentral.

Image: IrishCentral.

The poll also revealed that healthcare, immigration, and keeping Medicare are the most important issues to voters, with abortion issues coming in fourth place, enforcing that healthcare, in general, is the major concern of the electorate. 

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