Patrick Ring was arrested at Co Cork’s Crane Lane venue after bouncers had to subdue him

Patrick Ring, a 55-year-old Irish farmer, has pled guilty to charges put against him after an incident at Crane Lane, a night club venue in Cork’s City Center, saw him arrested.

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Corks’ Echo Live reports that Inspector Seán McCarthy said gardaí were called to the Crane Lane in Cork’s City Center after its security staff was forced to “subdue” Ring.

McCarthy said: “He [Ring] was aggressive with staff and he was held down by bouncers. One bouncer complained that he (the defendant) kicked and smashed a windowpane and that he (the bouncer) was assaulted. 

"But he did not make a complaint of assault,” McCarthy said.

Ring’s lawyer Donal Daly said in court of his client: “He is a farmer. He is 55 and he had too much to drink that night. He was out on the dancefloor of Crane Lane dancing.

“The bouncers got upset at his dancing moves or whatever.

“He insisted he should not be removed from the premises. 

"He was upset, absolutely, and the gardaí arrested him and brought him to the garda station.” 

Daly noted that while Ring has faced previous convictions, that behavior is in the past. 

“He is out of trouble for a considerable period,” Daly said. “He has paid the money in full for the damage to the window (€175) and he apologizes.

“He is embarrassed. Nothing like this happened before. He accepts he possibly was out of order on the dancefloor. He certainly never meant for it to happen.”

Daly noted that Ring allegedly phoned Crane Lane the day after the incident to apologize.

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Ring ultimately pled guilty to engaging in threatening behavior and being drunk and a source of danger. Judge Carol Anne Ní Chúllacháin ultimately fined Ring €200 for being drunk and a danger, €200 for being in possession of cannabis for his own use, and she took into consideration charges of engaging in threatening behavior and causing criminal damage.