The Delaware Saint Patrick’s Day parade got off to a dramatic start when two nurses were forced to rush onto the parade route to save one of the marchers.

The luck of the Irish was evident at the Delaware St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday, March 10, as two nurses rushed onto the parade route to save the life of a man suffering a heart attack.

Former Delaware judge Don Callender had just stepped off in the parade when he suddenly collapsed, turning gray.

Six-month-pregnant nurse Karlee McGinnis was watching the parade with her family when her sister told her of the emergency and that her help was needed. She rushed to Callender’s side performing CPR to save his life. He was dead for three round of CPR before he was successfully resuscitated.

Two Nurses Save Former Delaware Judge at Saint Patrick's Day Parade

— Tim Furlong (@tfurlong) March 14, 2018

“The parade just barely started, so it happened really fast,” McGinnis told NBC 10.

“My sister tapped me on the shoulder saying, ‘Karlee I think you need to go help.'”

“He was completely grey,” she continued.

“And then someone checked his pulse and there was nothing, so I immediately started performing CPR.”

McGinnis was joined by a second nurse Lew Smiley, who assisted her through chest compressions until more help arrived.

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A very pregnant delaware #nurse saves the life of a wilmington man after he collapsed at the @wilmingtondegov #StPatricksDay2018 parade- story on @NBCPhiladelphia at 6! #fb

— Tim Furlong (@tfurlong) March 12, 2018

“It was kinda like auto pilot. I just jumped right in,” McGinnis said.

Callender finally took a breath as color began to return to his face.

“It’s probably one of the most moving things happen to me in my life,” he said.

“Karlee’s memory is in my chest because she really pushed hard.”

We’ve heard of a Christmas miracle before but could this be a miracle delivered by Saint Patrick himself?