Two nuns, one Irish and one from New Zealand, are recovering in hospital after spending three days trapped in an elevator without food or water.

The sisters, ages 58 and 68, were staying at the Marist Sister House in Rome. During an electrical power failure on Friday, they became trapped in the elevator.

With no one else in the building over the weekend, their cries for help went unanswered.

The nuns, who have not been named, later told Il Messaggero that they “prayed so much.”

They weren’t found until Monday, when a building cleaner called police after receiving no answer ringing the convent door bell.

The police obtained a set of keys and entered the convent, calling out to ask if anyone was there.

“Yes, we are here, in the elevator,” the sisters answered, according to Il Messaggero.

The nuns were taken to hospital, where they were treated for dehydration.

The Marist Sisters in Ireland are aware of the situation, The Journal reports, though they have not spoken directly with the Irish nun.