Topless photos of a former Miss Northern Ireland have been circulated around the £30,000-a-year private school where she now teaches.

Sensational photos of the Joanne Salley posing topless in a pair of denim jeans have rocked Harrow School, a well-known British institution.

The 32-year-old former model and TV presenter poses provocatively in several shots, one of which captures her draped over a bookcase full of tomes on art history.

The pictures were captured by a fellow teacher at the school and are believed to be taken on school grounds.

The raunchy snaps were discovered by a pupil in the school’s photography department, where they had been left on a memory stick.

The photos of the brunette quickly circulated to the majority of the school’s 825 male pupils, its teachers and also its kitchen staff.

Any pupil caught circulating the photo’s will face immediate suspension.

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The teacher, who once dated England rugby star Matt Dawson, fears the images are damaging. She will never teach again.

She was already the subject of hundreds of schoolboy crushes, so naturally the photos went round the school like wildfire, said a source.

Salley has taught at the school for several years, but had a brief career co-hosting The Big Breakfast with Johnny Vaughan on Channel Four.

The Cambridge graduate took a career break in recent years to work with Comic Relief.

Harrow school was founded in 1572 and two kinds and seven prime ministers attended the school, including Winston Churchill.

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