Security measures are being increased in Northern Ireland over the Easter period as police have warned of a "severe threat posed by terrorists," according to the BBC. Several arrests were made after explosives and guns were found.

A Northern Ireland police officer, 25-year-old Constable Ronan Kerr, was killed in a car bomb attack three weeks ago.

It is believed dissident republicans are preparing to attack police officers over the holiday period.

On Saturday, detectives said they found a "substantial" amount of guns and ammunition in south Armagh while investigating dissident republican activity. Three men were arrested in connection with the discovery on Friday.

A 33 year old man from Omagh appeared in court on Saturday charged with serious terrorist offences.

Gavin Coyle, 33, was charged with possessing firearms and explosives. The arms were seized from a lockup facility and Coyle was allegedly identified leaving the location.

Coyle was charged with possessing firearms and explosives. He will be held in custody until his next court appearance on May 17.