The body of a New York escort who was last seen entering a high-end Manhattan apartment building has been discovered naked in an oil drum in New Jersey. 

Nicole Flanagan, 42, was last seen entering an upmarket building at 95 Wall Street in the Financial District at around 1:50 a.m. on August 6.

Her body was subsequently discovered in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, on Friday, August 13 after residents reported a foul smell coming from the intersection of Hobart Street and Teaneck Road. 

Local law enforcement told NBC News that there were no obvious signs of trauma when Flanagan's body was discovered. 

A Bergen County medical examiner additionally failed to identify any physical signs of injury on her body and has ordered a toxicology report. 

Flanagan, a mother of three, was reportedly seen entering the high-end apartment building with a member of a notorious gang from Queens, according to the New York Post. 

Police raided the 22nd-floor apartment on Thursday, August 19, but reportedly missed its two inhabitants by a matter of hours, according to other residents in the building. 

"They were OK guys. They would stop and talk. They were loud and would play hip-hop music but they seemed harmless," one neighbor told New York Daily News. "You never know. One day they seem harmless, but one day you're in a barrel in New Jersey." 

Another neighbor said that the apartment constantly smelled like "marijuana and bad air freshener" and said that a woman had moved in with the two men around a year ago. 

However, the neighbor added that the woman subsequently moved out. 

Flanagan reportedly listed the high-end apartment as her place of residence. 

A neighbor said that he often heard shouting emanating from the apartment and said that he frequently heard Flanagan say "don't hit me again". 

Police in New Jersey tracked Flanagan's location at the Wall Street apartment building through her cell phone records and have reportedly observed footage of a man rolling an oil drum from the building. 

The suspect is thought to be a member of the notorious SNOW gang in New York City.