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The top ten worst Irish compliments ever made

The Irish are famous for flattery, but also for the bitter word when it suits. This is what happens when they combine the two...READ MORE






Irish priests say they will not reveal confession secrets

Irish Catholic priests have said that they will not reveal secrets given in confession even though new legislation by the Irish government will call for it...READ MORE

Darren Clarke thanks late wife Heather for ‘fairway to heaven’ inspiration

Darren Clarke remembered his late wife Heather as he came to terms with his British Open success and life as a Major winner....READ MORE

Robert Pattinson celebrates 'Cosmopolis' wrap in Toronto

On Thursday, Robert Pattinson finished filming 'Cosmopolis' and celebrated with the cast and crew at the wrap party in Toronto...READ MORE


Darren Clarke says golf success due to being fat, new love in his life

Darren Clarke may become the third Northern Ireland based golfer in a row to win a major but he as he co-leads the British Open but he says the secret of his success may be that he’s fat...READ MORE


Cheeky kid - The Irish have an gift of handing out insults veiled in a thin complimentGoogle Images