An Irish woman was tragically killed in Texas last week after a driver crashed into her car while attempting to evade a traffic stop.

Melissa Mapa, who grew up in South Dublin before moving to the US to study at the University of Texas in Arlington, died in a collision in Euless, Fort Worth on Tuesday, May 10 at approximately 11:55 pm.

Mapa's friends in Ireland confirmed to IrishCentral that she was killed in the tragic accident.

According to Fort Worth Police, a Euless police officer attempted to stop the driver of a black Ford Focus vehicle who was driving with two different license plates, one of which had expired. 

The officer turned on his lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop, but instead of pulling over, the driver sped up and subsequently collided with a passenger vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, Fort Worth Police said in a press release. 

Mapa suffered serious injuries in the collision and was unresponsive. She died shortly afterward. 

Marcus Dunson, who heard the crash, told local news outlet 5NBC that he witnessed a police officer check Mapa's pulse and shake his head. 

"He reached in to feel the lady's pulse and shook his head and I'm assuming she's gone," Dunson told 5NBC. 

The suspect got out of his car following the collision and attempted to flee the scene, but officers were able to apprehend him nearby, police said in a statement. 

A passenger was also trapped in the front seat of the suspect's car following the collision. His condition remains unknown. 

The suspect, whose identity has not been released, was arrested for evading arrest in Euless and may face further charges. 

The Fort Worth Police Department Traffic Investigation Unit is currently investigating the fatal collision.