Over 60 of Tom Brokaw's female NBC colleagues have come out in solidarity for the veteran TV host after a Washington Post exposé accused him of sexual misconduct - but Megyn Kelly isn't standing in solidarity. 

Irish American anchor Megyn Kelly, of the network's fledgling Megyn Kelly Today show, broke her silence on air today reinforcing "you don't know what you don't know".

“It’s basically a character reference and they’re saying, for what it’s worth, ‘My experience with him has always been honorable and he’s always treated me well,’” she said on her show.

Brokaw’s defenders released the letter, claiming that the veteran host has treated all of them all with “fairness and respect,”

“When you love the person being under attack, you want to say, ‘This has been my experience,’” Kelly said. “I will say, the same thing did happen at Fox and the truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Kelly notably ousted then-Fox News chairman Roger Ailes in her book "Settle for More".

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Earlier this month, two women including former NBC News anchor Linda Vestor accused TV host Brokaw (below) of sexual misconduct, and touching them without their consent.

A third woman later came forward about an incident that happened over 50 years, whereby the 78-year-old Irish American journalist forced himself upon her.

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In the wake of the revelations, more than 60 of his female colleagues at the network banded together to sign a letter of support - calling Brokaw "a man of tremendous decency and integrity." 

We, uh, really breezed past that whole Tom Brokaw thing.

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Among the signees of the controversial letter were renowned journalists like Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell.