Liam Neeson has stated he will not move back to Ireland because of the government water charges controversy.

The “Taken” star had been considering a move back to Dublin, according to the Irish Sun, but has now reconsidered. He has an empty nest now with his two two sons away at college.

Speaking to the Sun Neeson, who lives in New York, stated: “"We've been f***ed from a great height by these bankers and it's the final straw.

"To tax people for their water. Just wrong. I've always thought about coming home, especially now with my empty nest but this is just insulting. It turns me completely off.

"I just think, 'Come on, don't f***ing insult the Irish people any more.' It's terrible.

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"I really hope the Government is doing something about it now and listening to the people and finding a solution. They f***ing better listen to the opposition."

Neeson is set to return to the big screen in Taken 3 early in the New Year as Agent Bryan Mills in the third movie in the Taken action series.

He stated that writer Luc Besson's original script is "a perfect continuation and one I couldn't say no to."

The Taken star has made tens of millions from the role.

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