Hundreds of gingers are expected to descend on Phoenix Park today.

‘Kiss a Ginger Day’ will host its tenth annual event today at Dublin’s Phoneix Park.

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The event, which was initially conceived as a way to prevent bullying of redheads especially in response to ‘Kick a Ginger Day’, has grown to attain worldwide attention.

To celebrate our 10th year, our founder (Derek Forgie) is venturing to Dublin Ireland to meet up with other redheads in Phoenix Park on January 12th. You're very welcome to attend. Here's the event: @GoToIrelandCA #KissaGingerDay

— Kiss A Ginger Day (@Kiss_A_Ginger) January 4, 2019

The official Facebook page says: “Our globally recognized anti-bullying holiday is celebrating 10 Years.”

Just like that, we're only one week away.

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“The Canadian Founder of Kiss a Ginger Day (Derek Forgie) is venturing to Ireland to meet and greet other redheads on our special day. Please invite all the redheads (and supporters of redheads) you know.”

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Gingers are invited to attend Phoenix Park and meet up at the Papal Cross from 1 pm to 3 pm this Saturday, January 12.

Around the world, redheads are encouraged to tag their social media posts with #KissAGingerDay. Many celebrities have hopped on the trend in previous years including Ed Sheeran, Conan O'Brien, and Jessica Chastain.

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You can learn more about the origins of Kiss a Ginger Day here:

Kiss a Ginger Day Goes International

Our modest anti-bullying holiday has now reached and international audience.

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