Attorneys for Jim Carrey have won the right to use the medical records of his Irish girlfriend in the wrongful death suit filed against him.

The lawsuit, filed by the mother and estranged widower of Cathriona White,  alleges that she died after she took prescription drugs obtained by Carrey, thanks to his, "wealth, influence and celebrity status".

Carrey hopes that the records will prove definitively that the 30-year-old Irishwoman’s overdose resulted from medicine prescribed to her by doctors, which would absolve him legally from any responsibility for her suicide in September 2015.

Relatives of White opposed the release of such personal information but Judge Deirdre Hill ruled that it could be crucial to the resolution of the case.

Raymond Boucher for Carrey said that White had been prescribed medication after a breast augmentation and it was possible that this had been the cause of her death.

"One of the issues,” Boucher told the court, “is her prescription medication. We know she had breast surgery that month, we know she had oxycodone prescribed to her that month."

Information after White and Carrey’s sexual health is now likely to find its way into the courtroom after claims from the White family that Carrey gave her type 1 and 2 herpes in 2013 - something the actor denies.

Michael Avenatti, acting for White’s family, said he was pleased that Carrey’s medical record would now too be made public for the court to examine.

"We are pleased because now the same standard will apply to Mr. Carrey. He should be very nervous," he declared.

There’s still quite a while to go before the trial, which is scheduled to take place in April 2018.

In the meantime, Carrey has been painting to cope with the stress of the situation.

“Six years ago, at a time when I was trying to heal a broken heart, I thought: ‘You know, maybe I’ll paint,” he muses in a video on Vimeo called “I Need Color”.

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from SGG on Vimeo.

His on off relationship with the Tipperary woman began in 2012 after they met on set.

Her marriage is speculated to have been only for immigration purposes - whilst undocumented she was unable to return home to Ireland for her father’s funeral.

After her death, Carrey acted as a pallbearer at her funeral and was spotted holding hands with family members.

But their unity in grief quickly vanished after White’s family learned more about her death and they began proceedings against Carrey under the terms of the Drug Dealer Liability Act.

Now a jury will definitely resolve who is responsible for the 30-year-old’s untimely demise.

H/T: Daily Telegraph