Is the new @JohnFKennedy calling out President Donald Trump? The Twitter account will be posting JFK quotes for the coming year. 

The JFK Library Foundation has established a new project which they say will show "The words of a president count." The @JohnFKennedy Twitter handle has been launched as part of a new project they call "Words Count," which will take quotes from the 35th President to tweet out through winter 2019. 

“There are many things that President Kennedy said on a variety of issues that affected domestic and international concerns that are as relevant in today’s world as they were in the early ’60s,” said Steven Rothstein, executive director at the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. 

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"Those of us who hold high office and high responsibilities are subject to all of the scrutiny... which comes from a free press and a free people..."

— John F. Kennedy (@JohnFKennedy) October 19, 2018

Kennedy's presidency took place in a time well before Twitter could be used as a medium for a President to reach his voters but the Library now hopes to pass on the oratory of the first Irish Catholic US President to a new generation through the popular platform. 

“Our problem won’t be not enough — it’s that there are so many inspirational things the president said. It’s choosing which inspirational element to use,” Rothstein added.