The JFK Library Foundation has launched a bi-weekly podcast with the aim of bringing the life and influence of President John F Kennedy to a younger audience.

In a bid to help bring the stories and influence of President John F. Kennedy to a new, younger audience, his namesake foundation has launched a new podcast.

The podcast is named JFK35 - as the late politician served as America's 35th president. 

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According to the press release, the audio output will feature members of the JFK Library staff - from curators and educators to archivists  - who will highlight significant details about the iconic figure's life.

Guests are also set to appear on the podcast, which will be available every other Thursday during the fall and spring.

The inaugural podcast delves into JFK's service during World War II as a member of the Navy.

Future podcasts are also set to talk about how he wrote some of his most memorable speeches and the inspiration behind sending astronauts into space.

Podcasts are available for streaming on desktop via YouTube or Stitcher.

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