Are you related to the Ryans from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath? If so, a big windfall could be in store.

Kathleen Hilda Ryan, a woman with Mullingar roots, died in Greenwich in the UK in October 2013, at 83 years of age.

She left no will, but she did leave behind a small fortune of $788,000 (£500,000).

Since then, no relatives have stepped forward to claim the inheritance.

The BBC program “Heir Hunters” has been working with Finders International, a group that traces missing heirs, to find a rightful claimant.

Kathleen’s paternal grandfather, G. Ryan, had three children: John (Kathleen’s father), Mary, William, and Eliza (Lizzie).

Mary died in infancy; William, a bachelor, passed away 1950. Consequently, the search has focused especially on descendants of Lizzie, who is believed to have immigrated to New York. Her ultimate fate is still unknown.

Kathleen was one of three siblings. She had inherited the sum from her sister, Joan, who predeceased her. John passed away as a child.

Thus far, many people have attempted to establish a link – none have been successful.

If no one claims the inheritance in 30 years, the money goes to the British crown.

H/T Irish Mirror.