Michael Fassbender, international race car driver? If the Irish/German star has his way, he could soon be more famous for his exploits behind the wheel instead of a camera.

The newlywed – he wed Oscar winner Alicia Vikander in October – adores car racing and is actively pursing it as a sideline and possible career.  The U.K. Times reported last week that other than his X-Men commitments, he’s stepped aside from pursuing other roles to focus on racing.

“Honestly, if I had the choice I’d choose race driving over acting,” he said.

“Preparing for an acting role, you spend a lot of time on your own. It’s quite dull. But racing, I just love everything about it. I’ve always wanted to race. I thought karting would be the way in, but I was always so busy with work. I thought, ‘Once I reach 40, I’ll start easing up.’

“So at the moment I’m just doing X-Men: Dark Phoenix in Montreal. Basically, I took the year off to do this.”

Fass is doing lots of training with Ferrari and “scored a podium finish in his third race at Mosport Park in Canada,” the Times reported.

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Watching racing while growing up in Killarney, Co. Kerry lit a spark in Fassbender, who moved from Germany with his German father and Irish mother so they could open a restaurant in the popular town.

“I hope to be in the Challenge series next year,” Fassbender told Automobile magazine. “Maybe a race or two early then another at the latter part of the season. It’s a fantastic series, so well organized, so professional. And some of the guys are really fast. Doing Le Mans someday, that would be amazing. The ultimate goal, I just need to do less acting. But to be 40 and be in this position — racing a Ferrari — it’s pretty special.”

His new bride is 100 percent in favor of his passion, Fass says.

“She loves it.  She was there for third place at Mosport, so she’s a lucky charm. Frankly, I’m just worried she might get into racing and be better than me,” he said.

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