Brian McFadden is getting a little sick of listening to other boy band veterans blather on about artistic horizons and living the ‘oul normal life. (I’m looking at you, Zayn Malik and Kian Egan.) He wants his three seconds in the spotlight, too.

There was a time, when Brian was the fifth member of Westlife, that he was so popular that he changed his name to Bryan (with a “y”) because it allowed him to sign autographs faster. Photographers staked out Slane Castle to capture pictures of his wedding to Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona. Those were the days.

Now Brian (back to the “I”) says that he kind of wishes he’d stayed in Westlife to the bitter end, because he’d be rolling in cash these days. But he’s also glad he left, because he hated the constant work – especially the non-stop touring.

“We worked 365 days a year, living on planes and in hotels and out of suitcases,” he told the Irish Independent. “[We were] never in the same country for two days.”

The Dublin-born McFadden came to the realization that he was miserable.

“There’s no point in being successful if you can’t enjoy it or share it with someone else,” he said.

While he regrets not making the kind of dosh that the others did, he’s philosophical -- and married to an Irish model, Vogue Williams.