U2 bassist Adam Clayton has battled demons in the past, but these days he’s a “much happier bunny” thanks to seeking mental help.

Clayton is fronting a new Irish social media campaign, #MindYourSelfie, which encourages people to reach out for help if they are “feeling a little bit strange,” Clayton says.

Clayton, 56, knows what he speaks. Alcohol was his crutch for many years, he’s freely admitted in the past, but he turned the corner and all is good in his world.

We live, he says, in “a very complicated world” where “we get it wrong sometimes.”

"I've certainly got it wrong in my own life and relied too much upon alcohol and other things to get me through something," he told Ireland’s 2 FM last week. "That was a diversion in my own life that I wish I hadn't taken. But it got me back and I am where I am now."

Clayton made changes when he couldn’t stand his life anymore.

"I was fed up of the way I felt constantly," he said. "In my particular case it was difficult for me not to go, 'Well, you've got an amazing life. What's wrong with you? What are you on about?' Eventually I just got fed up of feeling fed up."

Those with mental issues need to know that help is out there, Clayton says.

"It is not something that you have to live with for the rest of your life. It is not something that will stop you being part of the workforce. But you do have to talk to people about it and you do have to get help. And you can recover,” he says.