It's pretty safe to say that the reprehensible Duggar family has more on their minds than Ireland’s newly minted status as the world’s first country to allow gay marriage by popular vote. Had this been the case in 2011, when the LGBT-bashing brood traveled to Ireland for the first time, they probably wouldn’t have gone at all.

The Duggars, in case you’re interested, love Irish soda bread and even have a favorite recipe that’s on one of their social media sites. But it wasn’t easy to herd the ginormous, anti-birth control Baptists on a boat from Scotland to Ireland, as a reality TV blog reported. The poor things, including the breeding machine matriarch Michelle (who was expecting kid number 20 at the time), experienced motion sickness on the journey.

“In Ireland they visited a farm where they all made Irish soda bread by hand. Next up was watching a sheepdog herd the sheep. Then the kids tried a little sheepherding themselves and learned how useful the dog was.” Awwwww!

The child molesting, hypocrite eldest son Josh probably enjoyed the pig riding contest they entered, and dad Jim Bob “drank milk right from a cow. Jim Bob said it was the freshest milk he’d ever had.”

The blog concluded that the Duggars had a wonderful time in Ireland “building family memories with nice people and good weather.

“One of the younger children said, ‘[The Irish] talk different than us because that’s how God made them.’”