It's been a rough 2016 for Sinead O’Connor, who only a few weeks ago was the subject of a police hunt in Chicago due to fears that she was suicidal after she went missing in a Windy City suburb. (She was found safe and sound, thankfully).

The singer seems to be on the mend these past couple of weeks, posting on her Facebook page that she’s settled into the “best job” she’s ever had as a volunteer with the group No Veteran Dies Alone, which provides hospice companionship to vets dying without loved ones or friends by their side.

The initiative sounds amazing and Sinead seems to be thriving, surrounded by veterans in need of love and human companionship.

“This is the love I've been longing for all the time,” wrote Sinead on Sunday, who’s living somewhere in the Chicago vicinity.

“I'm off myself now to Walmart to bag up a massive trolley of girly art goodies for a certain lady, and one Apple TV for a certain gentleman, who's eyes are gonna be shining from here to heaven when he finds out what he can do with it,” she wrote on June 3.

Her work with No Veteran Dies Alone has given Sinead a new lease on life. She’s been battling her family, very publicly, over custody of her two young sons who apparently are in the care of Irish child agency Tusla, and she’s said on more than one occasion that she’s suicidal.

Then there’s the whole mess she got into after Prince died, accusing the comedian Arsenio Hall of being Prince’s drug supplier. Hall slapped a multi-million defamation lawsuit her way in reply, and God only knows how that will turn out.

Sinead has found refuge in America, and says she’s grateful. “How I love America for giving me this chance, there are not words yet invented to describe,” she wrote.