Sinead O’Connor informed her fans last week that she’s done performing “Nothing Compares 2U,” the Prince-penned song that propelled her to international fame.

“The time has come for me to cease singing ‘Nothing Compares 2U.’ The first principle of the manner in which I'm trained as a singer (Bel Canto) is we never sing a song we don't emotionally identify with. After 25 years of singing it, nine months or so ago I finally ran out of anything I could use in order to bring some emotion to it,” she wrote in a Facebook posting to fans.

“If I were to sing it just to please people, I wouldn't be doing my job right, because my job is to be emotionally available. I'd be lying. You'd be getting a lie.”

Kind of strange, but we’re talking about Sinead O’Connor here so…