Seamus McDaid, a native of Ramelton, Co. Donegal, moved to the U.S. in 2011. He owns his own company, McDaid’s Beverages, which is in the family home in Ireland. He moved here to expand the family business.

What do you do for a living, and what is a typical day like for you?

“I am the business development manager for McDaid’s Beverages which is my family’s business back home in Donegal. As the only employee of a start up company I do not have a typical day, but mostly it involves sales calls and making people aware of our brand as well as dealing with customs and shipping companies.”

Do you have a lot of family in Ireland? How often do you get to go home?

“All my family is back at home. I am in the fortunate position of being able to travel, and I try to get home once a year. I have two new nephews at home who I would like to see more of though!”

What advice do you have for younger Irish people starting out in America?

“The biggest piece of advice I could give people is to get involved in the various Irish organizations here. Be it the GAA or an Irish business group, they are all there to help you settle in. They have all been invaluable to my success in this country.”

What is the one thing you miss most about Ireland?

“I miss the GAA more then anything. Since I’ve left Ireland, Donegal have won two Ulster Championships and an All-Ireland so maybe it’s good luck that I’m not there!”
What’s your favorite Irish food?

“Of course it’s McDaid’s Football Special. Easily the greatest soda the world has ever seen if I do say so myself!”

Have you set any personal or work goals for 2014?

“My biggest goal for the year is to simply get our products into more stores in America. If I could even make people aware that we are trying to grow our business in the United States I would be happy.”

What does being in America mean to you?

“When you get here you appreciate the success of Irish people before you here, and that has given me a huge sense of pride in my Irishness. Being Irish in America is to follow on their legacy and to positively contribute to American society that has welcomed us with open arms.”