Trey Gowdy isn’t in Congress anymore, but he’ll always have his Bono memories to sustain him if he’s ever lonesome for his old job.

The newly ex-congressman from South Carolina, a Republican, recalled in an interview last week that one of his highlights as a legislator was his meeting with the U2 frontman in which they talked about Jesus Christ. 

Gowdy said that Bono was the “most charismatic” person he’s ever met…other than his wife, of course.

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Ex-congressman from South Carolina, Republican Trey Gowdy.

Ex-congressman from South Carolina, Republican Trey Gowdy.

"The last time he was there we spent 30 minutes talking about Jesus," Gowdy told his local TV station WYFF. "So if you had told me that I would spend 30 minutes talking to the frontman of the world's greatest rock and roll band about Jesus I would have said, ‘Probably not.' But we did."

Bono was “number one on the list of people I wanted to meet,” superfan Gowdy added.  Senator Lindsey Graham, also from South Carolina, made the intro.

“To be able to be friends with Jesse Helms and Barack Obama, and to not let his own personal politics – sometimes it seeps out – but when he’s on Capitol Hill advocating for what he’s talking about, he’s incredibly charismatic, he remembers your name,” Gowdy gushed.

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