The Golden Globes will make a bit of history in January when the first set of brothers take to the stage as Globe Ambassadors – and the honor goes to Dylan and Paris Brosnan, the sons of Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely.

The Globes annually select the kids of stars to appear on stage and hand out the awards; the lucky spawn also gets to choose a charity to highlight in their roles as Globes ambassadors.  The Brosnans are supporting FEED, the charity founded by another celebrity offspring, Lauren Bush Lauren, which focuses on eradicating childhood hunger.

“I saw the work that Paris was doing in Sri Lanka [where he directed a travelogue for FEED], and when he returned, I was very privileged to get to work on the music for the movie he cut together there. I played a show for them [singing and playing guitar]. It's a great charity to be a part of because it's childhood hunger but it's also education, so it deals with two important topics at the same time,” Dylan, 22, a model and film student at USC, told The Hollywood Reporter.

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Paris, 18, also a model and a film student at Loyola Marymount added, “I'm a freshman in film school, and I'm really excited to be doing more film and charitable work, after the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka and document the amazing work FEED is doing in Asia. Meeting children and a single mother out there who was supporting four children after the death of her husband made a long, lasting impression on me, and it was really powerful to see that these children and their parents want similar things that we want — they want to be healthy, happy and educated.”

Dad Pierce has been nominated for two Globes in the past.  He and Keely will be in the audience cheering their sons on.

For his part, Dylan will be doing some stargazing.  “I've been a fan of Joaquin Phoenix and also Brad Pitt — I loved Ad Astra — so it would be cool to see them there,” he said.

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